Don`t know about any of you, but, sometimes I take myself too darn seriously. Sometimes, since I have been sponsoring this run, I have felt like I am standing on the corner of Broadway and Canyon, out in cyberspace, holding a sign that reads "will run for frijoles." Kind of humbling; and humility, like frijoles, is a good thing. The cars pass hurriedly, with very little response, sometimes a honk, someone telling me to get a job, someone else flips me off. "Poor guy," I think. An occasional lovely smiling face passes: That feels nice! I look every passing driver in the eye, have nothing to hide. The message seems clear enough. A fellow from Albuquerque, the CEO of a successful company, liked the message, pulled over and asked me what I want, and offered money. I told him that I do not want money. El Presidente de Urique has pledged prize money for the Urique canyon version of the race. What we would really like is maiz to help sustain the people until the next harvest, which promises to be a very good one, with all of the rain that we have had this season, and donations from runners and their friends. Gracias Michael from Albuquerque, El Presidente de Urique, and CCUM runners. The Copper Canyon run is now free, like running should be. The frijoles and Maiz are on us. The next scheduled run will be March 4, 2012. Complete information will soon be posted. The run will consist of a 4 day program with about a 65 outside runner limit. Entry will be accepted and verified by the RD.

No set entry fee---[a donation] No [Limited] aid ---[actually, there is now plenty of aid!] No course markings [There will be some at key junctions and we will all pre-walk the course the Thursday and Friday prior to the weekend]. No awards [but self-satisfaction]--The Raramuri will win prize money, corn and beans. No commercial interests. [IF allowed, PLEASE give back and share the results with us] No filming/photography without permission [which would require sharing the results with us and giving something back to the Raramuri]. No wimps, whiners or weenies allowed [except the RD!] No expectations [but of beauty!] Please realize that: Here in the land of the Tarahumara, ANYTHING is possible!

A pre-race donation of $150 or more will hold/reserve a spot for the runner, and a post-race donation to the run would be appreciated, based on what the individual participant can afford and what the value of the experience was to the runner. Runners/participants may check my guide rates on my website to get an idea of the normal material value of what they are getting. This donation will buy a unique "CLUB MAS LOCO" t-shirt that is sure to be a future collectors item and increase greatly in value!

If you agree to all of this, then continue to the course description and to the entry/application/waiver.

Any participant must pre-send this entry form and pre- donation so that we have an idea how many folks may be participating, then copy and bring the entry with signed waiver to us the week of the event. We hope that all participants will leave the canyons knowing that we are all winners; all of us.

Let's have a wild, beautiful, and happy run!