Post by Diego Rhodes, the Mexico HorseThis post is to thank CCUM 2012 participants who came for the event but went further in helping our people. Yes, you runners are “Mas Locos” but, like Zacatecas you are also “Puro Corazon” which translates to something like “All Heart”. Many of you helped by providing food to traditional Tarahumaras others provided donations and I’d like to recognize them by name where possible. Aida and German donated a part or all of their winnings to fund a student trip. Over the past 9 years, these trips have proven to be a major motivation factor for kids to stay in school and do the best they can in their studies. It is also an educational experience of a lifetime and something which continues to motivate the participants long after their trip. I was especially touched when German told me it also gave him the incentive to keep running the best he could in the hopes of winning for the students.

Roy won the experience of participating in CCUM, no sooner had he returned home than he sent me payment to sponsor one student. Other people who stayed with us at the Oso donated money anonymously.

Your trip donations are used as matching funds, the students need to come up with an equal amount to go on the trip. Thus, Roy’s and other’s donations for one student will provide matching funds for two students. Thanks to the auction at the Oso and their other fund- raising activities, the Huicorachi school now has 50% of funds needed for their trip, by raising matching funds, the trip will mean more to everyone than if it was just given to them. If donors want to join the students, departure for Guadalara is 29 June, the day after they graduate. We'd love to have you share the experience.

To Flint, Paloma’s group from California and others who donated seeds but whose names I missed in the hectic CCUM atmosphere, thanks for giving something that would provide sustainable subsistence. Seeds were selectively given to people who had gardens but were lacking in seeds. People who received the seeds promised not only to plant them but to allow some to go to seed so that your donation will continue to provide nutritional food down through the years.

Tyler sent an Apple Computer to El Paso, it was part of the load in one of our shuttle vans, Paloma and Lynette both brought laptop computers. Michael who brought down two computers in a plastic storage container—which I forgot to ask if you wanted back. O other male brought a laptop, forgive me for not getting your name.

Ricardo brought so many boxes of school supplies that his baggage charges undoubtedly exceeded the cost of his flight. Some of these supplies he was able to give out himself, others he was not permitted to take on the train but were shipped separately and will go to remote schools and the most needy students. Many people filled their bags with extra clothing and had the pleasure of seeing students from Huicorachi and others selecting and wearing the clothes. Robyn brought a bag of baby clothes from Australia, somehow it boggles the mind to think of Tarahumara kids wearing clothes from Australia!

All you Mas Locos were so generous that it is impossible to recognize everyone, please forgive me for the people who I have missed in this post, you are all winners and Puro Corazon! May you all receive blessings and great karma.