With great consideration, Norawas de Raramuri (the non profit founded by "Caballo Blanco" Micah True and fellow Mas Locos) has decided not to host the Ultra Caballo Blanco in 2016.  We greatly look forward to returning to Urique in 2017.  We are actively investigating conducting an alternative event for next year that would allow everyone to come together in support of our Raramuri friends and the culture of Running.  We anticipate announcing more details very soon.  We also expect that the local government in Urique, Chihuahua may still choose to conduct an event this year in The Canyon without having Norawas to host. Should this occur, we would have no involvement but of course would help support the Raramuri as much as possible. 

The purpose of Norawas is: 

#1 To assist in the nutritional health of Native American peoples in the Copper Canyon of Mexico through education, charitable contributions of food and farmable grain. 

#2 To support the renewal and continuation of traditional cultural activities and ceremonies among these people, specifically focusing on the ancient cultural tradition of long-distance running. 

  • Norawas has successfully distributed to the Raramuri runners and families, over $13,000 in Food Vales (Vouchers), from the March 2015 Ultra Caballo Blanco Event. 
  • With Rancher Prospero Torres, of Los Alisos, Chihuahua, Norawas is funding the Caballo Blanco Trail renewal project. This support, restores the mountainous trails between Batopilas and Urique Canyons, allowing a safe and accessible means of transportation for the Raramuri families. 
  • Norawas continues an open dialogue of communication with our Raramuri friends, as we explore future partnerships with upcoming traditional festivities, and events, both in the United States, and abroad.
  • In line with our Mission, Norawas is exploring ways to support the Raramuri during this time that we cannot host this event with them in the Canyons.