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Greetings Mas Locos and Mas Loco Supporters!

Tierra es mi Cuerpo (Earth is my Body)
Agua es mi Sangre ( Water is my Blood)
Aire es mi Aliento ( Air is my Breath)
Fuego es mi Espiritu ( Fire is my Spirit)
- (A Raramuri Prayer)

Nearly 50, 000 Tarahumara live throughout the canyons
of La Sierra Madre, scattered in small settlements.
The mountains are an extremely important source of water for the very productive districts on the surrounding lowlands. The Raramuri families know how to use over 350 species of plants for food, fiber, medicine, and religious purposes. 

This summer seasons of rain, has richly blessed the farmlands. The mountain sides are green and lush, with tropical fruits, and rich vegetables. The surrounding rivers are high and flowing strong among the pueblos. 

The farmers are anticipating a bountiful harvest. Our Raramuri friends, and people of Urique, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mas Locos worldwide. The children are running free throughout the streets once again, as they train for their special race, " La Corrida de Los Caballitos."

The Government of Urique is excited to announce the election of a new administration, under the leadership of El Presidente, Daniel Silva Figueroa. We are pleased knowing that our talented friend, Urique's Director of Tourism, Cecy Villalobos, will continue in her important role of managing all race celebrations and activities.

The families of Mexico, recently enjoyed their traditional celebration of Día De La Independencia, their freedom from Spaniard rulership. On October 26 and 27th, The Government of Urique, will host the 5th Annual Cultural Celebration in Cerocahui. This festival honors the combined traditions of the Tarahumara and Mexicans, through music, food, dance, and art, culminating in a thrilling 60K foot race.

Mas Locos worldwide, have honored the spirit of El Caballo Blanco, with the second annual, Morovian Ultra Marathon ( The Czech Republic), and the Caballo Blanco Memorial Run (Sweden). Mas Locos proudly carry a message of hope, peace, harmony, and love, to all they meet.

We are humbled by the continued support of the Non-Profit, Norawas de Raramuri ( Friends of the Running People) http://blog.norawas.org/
Their dedicated Board Members, have gathered heart felt donations of clothing, footwear, and running supplies for the Raramuri children. Thank you for sharing a sincere passion in honoring the running traditions of the Raramuri through the cultural sustainability of health, education, nutrition, and running. 

We encourage you to join us in this magical celebration. Our race in March of 2013, was a true success, due to the combined efforts of the Urique Government, Mas Locos, our Sponsors, and an amazing team of generous volunteers. 

Dance with us in Las Barrancas del Cobre, on March 2, 2014. Share in this beautiful journey. Help play a role of continuing the lasting legacy of El Caballo Blanco.

" If you finish the race, you win. If you participate, you win. If you wake up in the morning and feel good, you win. If you live the good life, and eat the good food, and have love for other people, you win. " Micah True, 2009. 

Maria Walton & Josue Stephens | RD's

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