Two weeks ago we lost a dear friend of the brand, my friend, and a friend of runners everywhere… He was special to all of us at Saucony—he became part of our family because he was like us, inspired by running and by runners and had an infectiously positive outlook, fueling himself through his giving to others.

The world first came to know Caballo Blanco, the “White Horse,” who’s real name was Micah True, with the publishing of the best-seller Born To Run.

He was a mythical hero who ran in and out of the Copper Canyons of New Mexico like a ghost, helping the Tarahumara (the running people) in their fight against extinction.

Caballo loved Copper Canyons so much that he built an adobe hut for himself by hand.

Many said it was the story of legends, but just like his name--it was all “true.”

And the biggest truth of all? Micah was a humanitarian. And he had one focus: to save his running friends and their running culture.

Caballo had fans all over the world, but the Tarahumara were his ideal companions: they ran a lot, didn’t say much, and never said no to a cold beer.

And, oh, was he charming!, kind and full of wonderful stories. The pure act of running was his passion—easy, light and smooth-- caring less about how far or fast you ran-- summarizing both running and his life in two words: Run Free.

Sharon Barbano Vice President, Public Relations Saucony