Korima simply involves a circle of sharing, giving from one’s heart, without expectations of gratitude or thanks.

El Caballo Blanco's message was to unite all running cultures with respect, peace, hope and harmony, to encourage the traditions of the Raramuri to run free.

This spirit of servitude continues as Mas Locos, Ted McDonald (El Mono Hablador), Luis Escobar (El Coyote), Maria Walton (La Mariposa) and Film Maker, Sterling Noren (Libelula Esterlina), reached out to the running community of Seattle to share the message of Caballo. 

On July 20 and 21, Seattle running stores: Seven Hills Running Shop and Born to Run, hosted Luis Escobar as he shared photographic memories of his experience "Running with the Tarahumara" in 2006 and 2013 Luis was part of the 2006 Dream Team of Mas Locos athletes featured in Christopher McDougall's best selling book, Born to Run.

Luis literally kicked off each engagement with an exciting Rarajipari relay, as runners ran throughout Seattle kicking forward the hollow, wooden ball.   

Maria began each presentation with a video of Micah True's life and footage of the Ultra Maraton Caballo Blanco, featured in a soon to be released film documentary by Seattle Film Maker Sterling Noren. Sterling's friendship began with Micah in 2008, as he documented his travels throughout Mexico in the film, " Beyond the Border, Riding Solo in Mexico".  

Luis, Maria, Sterling, and other Seattle Mas Locos added their insight into the cultural enrichment of the journey to the Canyons, and the exciting life of El Caball Blanco. The combined work of Luis and Sterling, captured the proud humility and genuine strength and beauty of the Raramuri people. 

Luis, Sterling, and Luna Sandals have generously committed to donating percentage of proceeds from the sales of photography, film, and sandals to the U.S. Based Non Profit, which El Caballo Blanco supported, Norawas de Raramuri (Friends of the Running People)  

The following day, Luis toured the Luna Sandal factory, where Barefoot Ted McDonald's original dream began, inspired by the creation of the Huarache sandals, designed by his Raramuri friend of Las Barrancas Del Cobre, Manuel Luna, the Champion and winner of the first Ultra Maraton Caballo Blanco, in 2001.

The spirit and message of El Caballo Blanco lives in the hearts of many running people, as his dreams continue to bring hope for many families of La Sierra Madre.

Kuira Ba! We are One!