This song was written by Zachary Bergen, who by trade is a physicist, from Boulder, and also an extremely talented musician and composer. He has worked as a studio musician with several well-known recording artists.

From Zachary Bergen

These are my sentiments re: the song I wrote... There is an energy, a flow to life. We must find that flow and jump in. A return to innocence, a return to love. A return home. Micah was pure of heart and reached a state where it is impossible to maintain a physical presence because he was vibrating too high for this plane. I mean that literally, not metaphorically. There is no death and in that we can rejoice. Micah "is" and always has been "with" us. He is beyond time and hopes we'll join him because we can join him now. The song I wrote has always been there. It is of the same spirit that Caballo aligned to. For those of us fortunate enough to have realized the pure thread of embodiment that we witnessed, we carry a slight smile knowing that Micah knows and sees. I opened to that spirit and it flowed through me and came out as a song. We all can have that same spirit come through us and celebrate a unique gift to the world in whatever form appears. That is the best tribute we can give. Get on with it.

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