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The Raramuri | CCUM 2011

by Caballo BlancoWhen Caballo was on the trail the other day runnng for Raramuri land to Munerachi, a Raramuri from there greeted me while still in the Urique canyon, "Kaweki" [Caballo]. It turns out that a big team from Munerachi came/are coming to Urique for la carrera de bola [ball race]--So, I ran up to beautiful Los Alisos, camped and returned to witness events. I will give them invitations to the CCUM and and continue my journey Monday after the Sunday ball race, to pass out more invitations. THAT is very guadajuko [cool!]. On my run this morning I ran into a very traditional Raramuri named Eberlisto, 57 or so [he forgot his age-:] an roriginal CCUM runner from way bavk---great to see him! I hear Manuel Luna is coming which means KORIMA from Barefoot Ted thru me for being the inspiration to create LUNA Dandal company...Mas Guadajuko!

--Thanks to Mickey Mahaffey, Cecy Villalobos, Hiromizu Tanaka of the Japanese public television station, the people of Urique. Great work! Christopher McDougall's excellent book, too, and all people giving positive attention to the Raramuri people and people of Mexico The people are running!

Guadajuko just grins.