Caballo in Urique 2010

Runners of the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathons are called Very Crazy, or Mas Locos. In the eyes of Caballo Blanco, who coined the term, all Mas Locos have in common the values of sharing, respect, compassion and peace. They share a culture of running with the Tarahumara / Raramuri and offer Korima to the People of the Canyons.

After Micah's death, many expressed the need to do something to continue Caballo's work with the Raramuri in the Canyons. Our immediate response was "come run the CCUM". Although some will, it might not be possible for everyone to travel down to Urique and run an ultra, so some clever Mas Locos suggested we organize smaller, more accessible events that shared the same spirit of Korima.

The Poco Loco Runs were born.

Poco Loco (Little Crazy) Runs will be held all over the world at different times, but all with the same goal: sharing the spirit of the CCUM and offering Korima to the Caballo Blanco Foundation that will continue Micah's important work with the Raramuri.

This page is an acknowledgement of these events and an invitation to runners from all over the world to get involved and organize their Poco Loco Run, or to help one that already exists.

Run free!