Our Mission

Norawas de Rarámuri is a US- based nonprofit organization that works to support and reinvigorate an ancient and unique running culture that has endured from long before the arrival of Europeans on their continent. Known as the Tarahumara, or Rarámuri in their own language, they are an indigenous people living dispersed throughout Mexico’s magnificent Copper Canyon.

Norawas de Rarámuri supports Rarámuri participation in local and international foot races created to celebrate and encourage continuation of Rarámuri running culture and the health of their communities. 

We work to provide maize, non-GMO seed corn, and cash awards for participating Rarámuri runners, men and women alike. In this way we offer both nutrition during drought and support for a tradition of small farms necessary to both physical and cultural survival.

Our Projects

With your help, Norawas de Raramuri creates and sustains projects revolving around the health and culture of the Raramuri People of the Copper Canyons. We seek to bring support and sustenance by working locally and unintrusively, whether through providing corn and non-GMO seeds as prizes to Raramuri runners or developing health or education initiatives.

Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco 
Norawas de Raramuri provides funds to purchase tons of food and seeds every year to be awarded as prizes to Raramuri runners competing in the international event Micah True created in the Canyons, which was later depicted in the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

 According to the race's tradition, "Everyone wins". Every Raramuri who runs 1 loop (20 miles), 2 loops (40 miles) or 3 loops (50 miles) in the event is guaranteed to be awarded vouchers for the purchase of basic food products at government-regulated stores throughout the Canyons. Furthermore, all top ten male and female finishers receive additional quantities of corn as prizes.

The Caballo Blanco Trail Renovation Project
(Full Description soon) - READ HERE FOR PREVIEW